We strongly believe that for most tasks the free open source software (FOSS) is as good or better than the alternative proprietary offering.

Our Open Source Consultancy Service is targeted on the business, education and non-profit organization where the technologies can greatly improve and more effectively in widely in used within their organization.

  • Linux migration and integration services that help customers plan and migrate proprietary software.
  • Open source Web infrastructure services that provide comprehensive planning and deployment of solutions based on open source secure Web servers, firewalls, content management applications and other open source technologies.
  • Open source strategic opportunities services that enable IT executives to review and evaluate the benefits of open source technologies, and to explore opportunities to pilot open source solutions within their organization.

System Experts’s consulting services deliver integrated, end-to-end Open Source solutions and services to help you get it right the first time and execute real business value of open source software into your business environment. Partnering with you, we collaboratively work to understand your business objectives and invent the most effective and profiting strategy to implement the solution that will convert your business vision into practice with cost benefits.

To find out more about using free open source software (FOSS) in your business, contact us today.