Desktop Virtualization

Simplified Approach to Desktop Virtualization

Streamline the deployment and management of a variety of digital displays with the simplest desktop virtualization software. Replace numerous physical PCs with affordable, low-wattage zero client devices all easily managed from one server. Any organization, from small retail stores to large call centers, can afford the flexible virtualization solution to reduce computing headaches and provide an exceptional desktop experience.

Userful Multiplatform software delivers a choice of customized Microsoft™ Windows, Linux and a free, integrated cloud desktop simultaneously to multiple displays within a local area network. With a dramatic reduction of hardware, software and electricity requirements, Userful Multiplatform enables anyone to save money and still enhance computing power.

Centralize all desktops and operating systems

Efficiently centralize all stand-alone PCs, independent operating systems and desktops into a low-cost, server appliance. Set up is easy with plug and play simplicity, even with limited IT skills. The simplified approach to VDI in Userful Multiplatform software creates a visibly better performance than other complex virtualization solutions. Userful Multiplatform offers the high performance of a stand-alone PC that users expect with even the most demanding applications like playing multiple, full HD videos.

Virtualize multiple operating systems from one server

Deploy one or many customized operating systems to each desktop display, touch screen, digital sign, interactive whiteboard, or large interactive display. Operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Linux and a free, integrated cloud desktop, which is ideal for organizations that rely on web apps like Google Drive. Administrators can deploy a single solution to everyone or provide a simultaneous choice for users to switch between with a click. Only in-use Microsoft Windows desktops require a license, which saves on costly software licensing.

Power many types of low-cost displays

From desktops to digital signs, Userful Multiplatform is a single solution to power and manage many displays throughout an organization. Userful Multiplatform not only reduces the cost of desktops, it enables organizations to afford low-cost monitors or TVs and turn them into self-serve kiosks and single or multi-panel digital signs. The content on all screens are all easily customizable from the central server, including a basic digital signage player.

Centrally manage from any device

Seamlessly manage the entire solution using a browser-accessible control center from a desktop, tablet or smartphone, even with limited IT skills. Managing just one image on the server to instantly deploy new applications and updates to all desktops makes it easy to reduce IT management time and resources.

How It Works


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