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Our mission is to automate Cambodia's educational system and lower administrative costs so more children will have access to quality education

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The Technology Problem

IT that slows you down

Many schools we help have problems with IT. Everyone hates when computers are slow, wifi is not working, or you lose important work because of technical errors.

All of those problems are small by themselves. The real insight comes when you add them together and you realized that your employees are spending 10 minutes every day on technical problems. This equals to 40 hours of wasted productivity per employee every single year.

A headache to maintain

Another common problem is over-investment. Schools sink a lot of money into fancy server rooms and buy enterprise hardware that just sits and collects dust.

Not only are they wasting money upfront, the maintenance costs will be far higher than they expect. Some hardware requires a server engineer to operate and few schools have the resources to employ an experienced engineer and even fewer have the luck to find one in Cambodia.

Sala Services

We offer IT solution that is easy to maintain, easy to operate, and most importantly easy to staff

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The Software Problem

Papers wherever you look

Each paper has a hidden cost. You have to pick up, read, and archive every single paper. As those papers exponential increases in your organization, simple tasks will take more time and staff morale will slowly decline as they are forced to do more paperwork.

The single best thing you can do to lower administrative costs is to move to a paperless administration.

No ability to track performance

The second biggest disadvantage of using paper is the inability to track performance. To help students improve their education requires continues data that is accurate and that can show what works and what doesn't.

As schools move closer to a paperless administration they gain the ability to see what is happening in real-time. They can recognize which students are underperforming, they can see who have paid tuition fees, and they can plan more effectivity with real-time data at their fingertips.

Student Management System

We offer student management system for universities and k12 schools that is uniquely designed for Cambodia.

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The Admission Problem

Students can't find you online

Compared to other countries, students in Cambodia have a hard time find schools that match their interests. Without a school listing website that list all the schools in the country, students are forced to rely on social media and friends to pick their future school.

You can create a website, you can create a social media presence, you can get a good google ranking, and you can create events or join conferences. But none of those tasks will inspire trust because everyone else is doing what you are doing.

Exhausting process to apply

Finding a school is hard. Enrolling is even harder.

Having talked with hundreds of students we know how exhausting the admission process can be. Especially if the students want to enroll in multiple schools to increase their chances of acceptance.

A school that can simplify and streamline their admission process have a huge advance over traditional schools. A well-designed admission process lowers costs, lowers stress for staff, and increase trustworthiness for students and parents.

Sala Enrollment

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